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Concept Map
Concept Map

Concept Doc
Concept & Direction Document (PDF 360KB)

Marin Heuristic
Heuristic Evaluation (PDF 74KB)
  COUNTY OF MARIN PROJECT 2 - Main Community Site

The County of Marin has a community-based external site, where residents, local groups and businesses can be listed and post news items, etc. The original site was designed a number of years back and is in need of redesigning.

I worked with the primary stakeholders in helping them define their vision for the future of the site. Some of the documents from that process are shown on the left:

  • The Concept Map is a one-page overview of the vision.
  • The Concept and Direction document is a more indepth view of the mission, environment, services, etc.
  • The Heuristic Evaluation reviews the current site.

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